About us

This timber sale Agency owes its existence to the experience and enthusiasm of its creator, Paola Noli. Over the years, through a long process of selection of customers and materials she has established an effective sales organization in Italy and other countries. Today we have a world-wide coverage including Spain, France, Belgium, Holland, Greece, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, the United States, the Middle East and China. Adding to its original well speciality in tropical African woods, the Agency now also deals in European and American hardwoods, both in sawn and veneers. We regularly travel to the countries of origin of our timber to verify the quality of the materials before shipment so as to guarantee our customers the quality products that they will receive. Our suppliers of European wood are all FSC certified and our tropical timber suppliers can all provide the legal documentation required by the FLEGT. Regarding the transformation processes, and the finished products such as decking, joists, plywood, sauna boards, it is our responsibility to work with industries that have state-of-the-art machines and high-level technical skills. This attention to detail fits in with our aim to develop our geographical coverage, in terms of both producers and buyers of our raw material, timber.